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Community Cancer Association

helps with medical, emotional, and financial needs so that cancer patients can focus on healing. 

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client Testimonials

“I was surprised Community Cancer is totally supported by local donations. Now knowing this, I wish there way a way I could personally hug and thank each and every one of the donors for all they have done for me and my family”
“I had to choose between paying for my cancer medication or food for my family. Now because of Community Cancer Association that is no longer an issue. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible”
“When I learned that the help provided by Community Cancer Association was unique to our area, I soon realized how blessed we are to have you here in Central Texas”
“Its hard to express the many ways you have made a difference in our lives. Thank you for keeping me alive"
“Community Cancer Association is not just a program but a ministry that operates with compassion and real concern for those of us who need more than just financial help. Thank you for being here where you are needed"