Cancer affects everyone, either medically, emotionally or financially. Community Cancer Association exists to help with the financial burden so that local cancer patients and their families can focus on the medical and emotional aspects of the disease.


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Know how you can help LOCAL cancer patients? Find out now! Become a monthly donor to help all year long, or donate to help with prescription medications, supplies or travel here!

What CCA can help with


CCA pays for outpatient cancer drugs, medicine for the effects of treatment, pain control and symptom management.

Wound Care

CCA pays for wound care items, ostemy and mastectomy supplies, prostheses, compression bandages, and garments.


CCA pays for medical necessary travel.


CCA pays for a temporary wig if needed while you go through your treatment.

Nutritional Suppliments

CCA pays for nutritional supplements like Ensure, Boost, Jevity, Glucerna and more.

Patient Navigation

CCA will help you find other resources of possible assistance.


Your Community Cancer Team

Bill Northcutt

Executive Director

Terry Hunt

Director of Development



The Community Cancer Association(CCA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit in McLennan County, works with local cancer patients and their families to address some of the financial issues that occur as a result of their health condition. CCA has been providing assistance to cancer patients in Central Texas for more than 50 years. CCA helps pay for outpatient cancer drugs, medicine for treatment effects, pain control and symptom management. CCA also helps pay for prescription co-pays, necessary medical travel, wound care items, ostomy and mastectomy supplies, garments, wigs, nutritional supplements and more. We are a United Way agency and take no government funding. All donations for CCA stay right here in Central Texas.

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Thank you for the kind words

I was surprised Community Cancer is totally supported by local donations. Now knowing this, I wish there was a way I could personally hug and thank each and every one of the donors for all they have done for me and my family."


When I learned that the help provided by Community Cancer Association was unique to our area, I soon realized how blessed we are to have you here in Central Texas."


I had to choose between paying for my cancer medicine or food for my family. Now because of Community Cancer Association that is no longer an issue. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible."


It’s hard to express the many ways you have made a difference in our lives. Thank you for keeping me alive.”


Community Cancer Association is not just a program but a ministry that operates with compassion and real concern for those of us who need more than just financial help. Thank you for being here where you are needed."


Christmas miracles don't just happen in movies."




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Cancer has never been a foreign word to me, but it didn't become real until it hit home for my family.  When my wife and daughter were both diagnosed with cancer within 6 months of each other, I could note believe the emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual stress that it put on our family.  We had good insurance, understanding employees, and a network of wonderful friends and family that were supportive and caring, but our world was shaken to the core.  However, throughout the struggle, I couldn't help but feel blessed to have support and resources that many others did not.  With my wife's passing, and my daughter's recovery, I knew that there had to be something I could do to help others that were struggling.  That's when I heard about Community Cancer Association and found a calling that I am truly passionate about!

Our office provides more than prescription assistance, travel money, medical supplies and a network of resources.  Our office provides real hope.  I can't imagine doing anything else with my time.  Each and every day, I know that I am going to make an important difference in someone's life.  The people that we help on a daily basis, are my neighbors that I run into at the grocery store, the friends that I share a pew with at church, and even folks I sit next to at the high school football game.

We make a huge impact in the loves of people that are right here in our community.  I have always wanted to be a super hero, and I look forward to donning my imaginary cape every morning as I see our patients and learn how the small ways we help make a really BIG difference.

In our office, cancer is not a disease, it is the face of each one of our patients that needs to know they are not alone.


Kori Dorton(President):  I love that CCA keeps all the money local helping local clients.  Our Directors take the time to get to know each client and their families.  If we are helping the client we are helping the family.  I am proud to be a CCA board member. 

Donna Manitzas(Vice President):  CCA is truly a service to those in need.  I am honored to be a part of the board.  Everything we do is for our neighbors.  It gives me a real sense of purpose. 

Shelly Spinks(Treasurer):  Community Cancer Association is an organization that is easy to support.  Being able to serve on a board of an organization that has the ability to make a huge impact in the lives of cancer patients and their families in our local area is extremely rewarding.  There is no other organization doing what we do for our community.

Tim Payne(Secretary):  Why CCA?  Like most, cancer has impacted my life in that several loved ones have suffered from it.  When my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I learned just how much of a burden cancer can be physically, financially, emotionally and otherwise.  Joining the CCA board gave me an opportunity to play at least a small part in helping ease that burden for others, and at a local level.